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USDA Home Loans – Bellingham – Whatcom County

Posted on: June 4th, 2010 by admin

We offer USDA home loans in Whatcom County Washington.

What is a USDA Home Loan?

A USDA Home Loan is a government insured loan which is originated and serviced by a mortgage lender. The USDA loan is designed for communities with populations less than 25,000. Many borrowers find that a large number of rural communities qualify for this loan type. If you have a specific address you would like to check contact us today.


Why are USDA home loans so popular?

Simply because USDA home loans are cheaper and more flexible than FHA and Conventional Loans.
The major benefits of a Rural Home Loan include:

  • Zero Money Down – Purchase a home with no cash down
  • Flexible Credit Criteria – 620 Minimum Credit Scores
  • No Mortgage Insurance – This helps keep your monthly payment low

Eligibility Map for Bellingham & Whatcom County

Borrowers will find that almost all of Whatcom County is eligible for a USDA Home Loan. The only ineligible areas are located in the Bellingham city limits. The map below shows the ineligible areas of Whatcom County.

How do I start the USDA Home Loan process?

  • Contact the USDA Mortgage Group
  • Submit a loan application over the phone or online
  • Get pre approved and start shopping for a home

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